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We provide these customized services for your organization's AI needs


At the core of business transformation is knowledge.  Artificial intelligence represents the greatest threat and opportunity for businesses and organizations in this century.  The perfect storm of computational breakthroughs and refinement of statistical techniques in the early 2010’s ushered in the modern era of AI.  What had been modest gains in areas like image recognition, language processing, and intelligent robotics has become world-changing breakthroughs – literally within the past five years.

AI Ambassador’s educational programs are specified for decision makers who need to be conversant in the core concepts, applications, and historical and business contexts of artificial intelligence.  Managers should have a baseline knowledge of AI’s foundations in statistics and computer science, along with its most important applications, including image recognition, NLP, and robotic process automation, to name but a few. 

AI Ambassadors seeks to demystify the science of artificial intelligence and to make it digestible for a generally educated, but non-technical, audience.  The classes are custom-tailored, but in general will incorporate the following:

  • Core technologies of machine learning and neural networks taught at a level appropriate to the audience

  • Applications of AI technology examined – including language processing, image recognition, product recommendation, self-driving cars, robotic processing, and sentiment analysis

  • Industry-specific strategic and technical issues explored

  • Workshops for participants to imagine and discuss applications for AI in the organization

Multiple-day and offsite programs are available at the client’s preferred location.

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AI solutions are increasingly available on open-source platforms, and the computer power and tools needed to drive data-driven AI research are ever more accessible and affordable.  AI Ambassadors’ customized advisory services help point clients in the direction of cost-effective AI solutions, whether for customer service, marketing, production, or processing efficiencies.  We can provide your organization a roadmap in adopting AI technology in many domains.

Organizations with proprietary data are sitting on a potentially transformative asset.  AI Ambassadors can advise on the best strategic approach to extracting profitable knowledge from data, suggesting potential data science partners, honing in on the optimal machine learning models for the given dataset, and mapping an overall approach to exploiting the information.

AI Ambassadors seeks to partner with the following types of businesses and organization:

  • Health care organizations, including hospitals and managed care facilities

  • Financial companies, including banks, insurers, and private lenders

  • Small-to-midsized manufacturing companies

  • Educational organizations, including public school districts, colleges and private secondary schools

  • Governmental and non-profit entities

AI Ambassadors is also open to pro-bono work where the social benefits of AI adoption are manifest.

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AI Ambassadors maintains a database of talent in the AI industry, from entry-level personnel, typically recent graduates with a computer science or statistics background, to senior level data scientists and supercomputer experts experienced in the application of machine learning and deep learning techniques in various industries.


The right person to fulfill your AI role may not be the person you think.  No longer does adopting AI necessitate a team of Ph.D.’s – rather, many companies need a broadly knowledgeable AI professional to navigate the myriad of options for implementing AI solutions.  Business-specific knowledge may be a more important facet than deep training in AI science for your potential hire.

AI Ambassadors can help you identify the right person to help move your organization forward in AI implementation.

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