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Artificial Intelligence has been called the fourth industrial revolution, and its implications for companies in all

lines of business are enormous.  AI Ambassadors, LLC was formed in 2017 by Carl Schuman to provide executive education, strategic consulting, and talent recruitment in the areas of Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, and related disciplines of Artificial Intelligence.

AI Ambassadors demystifies the science of artificial intelligence through customized executive training and tailored, industry-specific advisement on AI implementation to senior management.  AI Ambassadors is your trusted partner in navigating your organization through the AI revolution.


After a pioneering career in derivatives finance – during which he created and traded exotic instruments such as interest rate swaps, credit derivatives and CDO’s - Carl Schuman turned his interest in applied mathematics to the emerging disciplines of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.  He is fluent in the statistical and computer science methodologies that are at the core of AI modeling, and closely tracks and communicates developments in the implementation of AI across a wide range of businesses. 


Carl has forged high-level industry contacts through participation in conferences, meet-ups, and online education, and has extensive resources to draw from in solving client problems. He combines his interest in AI with a passion for teaching and relishes helping clients meet the AI challenge. 


Carl received a BA from Princeton University in Economics and Engineering Systems, an MBA in Finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business, and an MA in Mathematics Education from Hofstra University.


Founder, CEO

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